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25 January 2000

RUC in Monaghan cross-border surveillance operation confirmed

The Sinn Fein Assembly member for Mid-Ulster, Francie Molloy, has said that Irish Government sources have confirmed that uniformed RUC officers crossed the border a fortnight ago to mount a surveillance operation on a Sinn Fein meeting that he addressed in Monaghan Town.

The RUC's cross-border operation took place on the night of Wednesday, 12 January. Mr Molloy said:

``At the time I called for answers from Security Minister Adam Ingram. The RUC predictably denied that they were involved. However, it has now emerged that a Garda investigation has confirmed to the Irish Government that uniformed RUC personnel were involved.

``The RUC have again shown total contempt for the law. When discovered, they told blatant lies which were widely reported in the media. Despite the incident happening almost two weeks ago, no statement from Adam Ingram has been forthcoming.

``Clearly, an inquiry is required to find out why the RUC were in Monaghan, why they were outside a Sinn Fein meeting, who sanctioned the operation, and why did the RUC lie about their actions. Both ourselves and the Dublin Government have raised this matter with the British authorities and we are demanding immediate answers.

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