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8 February 2000

McLaughlin to brief US Congress members on peace process crisis

Sinn Fein National Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin MLA flew out to the United States today (Tuesday) on a six-day visit to Washington and New York where he will brief members of the United States Congress, Senate and House of Representatives on the threat by the Ulster Unionists and the British Government to collapse the Good Friday Agreement.

The Assembly member for Derry will also be briefing the US media, Friends of Sinn Fein, and grassroots Irish republican supporters in the United States. He will return to Ireland on Sunday.

Before leaving Dublin, Mr McLaughlin said:

``It is important that people in America hear the facts as to who really is to blame for threatening to wreck the institutions set up as part of the peace process.

``If the institutions established under the Good Friday Agreement are collapsed this week it will be because unionism is not prepared to allow the fundamental changes needed to ensure equality, justice and lasting peace. And because once again unionist intransigence is being indulged by the British Government.''


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