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13 April 2000

Lord Gerry Fitt should not prop up discredited RUC

Sinn Fein North Belfast Assembly member Gerry Kelly has criticised today's intervention by former SDLP leader Gerry Fitt in support of the RUC.

Mr Kelly said:

``Gerry Fitt was rejected by the electorate in 1983 because of his inability to represent nationalists in West Belfast. He failed to stand up for the rights of nationalist people in the face of human rights abuses by the RUC then; it is clear from his comments today that his position is unchanged. As Lord Fitt, he now speaks as a member of the British Establishment.

``The RUC does not need propping up - it needs to be disbanded. We need a new beginning in policing. The RUC stands before world and European courts condemned for human rights abuses and no amount of support from any part of the British Establishment will alter this simple fact. The RUC have been responsible for murder, torture, collusion with loyalist murder gangs and terrorising the entire nationalist community.

``Gerry Fitt has no useful contribution to make to the political process in this country. He speaks for no one but himself.''


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