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14th April 2000

Extradition Farce Must End

Sinn Fein Ard Chomhairle member Martin Ferris has described todays decision to extradite Nessan Quinlivan as ``disgraceful''. Councillor Ferris has asked whose agenda is being served by recent government attempts to extradite Angelo Fusco, Paul Magee and now today Nessan Quinlivan. He has called on the government to bring an end to this farce and rescind all outstanding extradition warrants against those facing political charges.

Speaking after today's (Friday) hearing at the High Court in Dublin, Councillor Ferris said:

``Over the last three months we have seen Nessan Quinlivan, Angelo Fusco and Paul Magee taken before the courts on extradition warrants. Republicans and nationalists the length and breath of this country are now asking what is the purpose of these actions and whose agenda is being served. People want to know is the Irish government going to extradite republicans to the Six Counties and Britain at this time on the foot of warrants from the British government.

``For the Irish Government to involve itself in the extradition of any Irish citizen on political charges is completely at odds with the commitment to release all political prisoners in the Good Friday Agreement. It is time that the government brought an end to this farce and rescinds all outstanding extradition warrants against those facing political charges.''

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