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14th May 2000

Sinn Fein names general election challenger in Taoiseach's constituency

Sinn Fein has selected Cabra/Glasnevin Councillor Nicky Kehoe to be its general election candidate in Taoiseach Bertie Ahern's Dublin Central constituency.

In last year's local elections, Councillor Kehoe took the second of five seats, polling 2,380 votes, just 41 behind the Taoiseach's brother, Maurice Ahern. Sinn Fein is mounting a strong challenge for one of the four seats in Dublin Central.

Councillor Kehoe, a construction worker, was nominated by North Inner City Councillor Christy Burke at a selection convention in Dublin today (Sunday). Councillor Burke will be his campaign manager. Councillor Kehoe said:

``There is a danger that people are becoming sick and tired of the daylight robbery that Establishment parties' money-grabbing councillors and TDs have got away with for years. The Establishment parties are all guilty if not of corruption but of negligence. Why didn't the party leaders - those in a position to do something - move against those TDs and councillors on the take before now?

``We cannot entrust the running of community services and resources to parties who have let their members exploit their positions and the families who put their trust in them. The best way people can shake up these smug, self-satisfied, self-seeking parties is by electing for Sinn Fein TDs and our radical republican and labour alternative to graft and self-interest.''

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