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18th May 2000

Immediate explanation required from Minister Ingram about missing RUC gun and ammunition

In the week that the British government announced its policing legislation with regard to the Six Counties Sinn Fein Vice-President and West Tyrone Assembly member Pat Doherty has called for an immediate explanation from NIO Security Minister Adam Ingram after an RUC gun and ammunition went missing.

Mr. Doherty said:

``Adam Ingram has some serious explaining to do. At a time when it appears that loyalists are re-arming the RUC mysteriously loses a gun and ammunition.

``In the past guns belonging to the Crown Forces have conveniently been mislaid or stolen only to fall into the hands of the loyalist death squads. One of the most recent examples of this occurred last year when at the inquest into the killing of Terry Enright we heard how a gun, which the RIR said was stolen from one of its soldiers, was used in the LVF killing of Terry Enright.

``Given the past history of collusion between the RUC and loyalist death squads, nationalists have a right to have their concerns addressed. How did this gun go missing? Who do they believe has possession of this gun now? Are the nationalist population now under threat from those who hold this gun?''ENDS

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