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29th May 2000

Dow urged to re-think position ahead of mayoral vote

Sinn Fein councillors in Belfast have called on former Alliance Party councillor, Danny Dow to reconsider his position ahead of Thursday's mayoral election at City Hall.

Upper Falls Councillor Michael Browne said:

``I would urge Danny Dow to carefully consider his position with regard to mayoralty for the coming twelve months. Should he, as predicted vote against the Sinn Fein nominee for the position he is seriously out of step with the wishes of the electorate in Belfast.

``In consecutive elections Sinn Fein has emerged as the largest party on Belfast City Council by way of first preference vote secured. This notwithstanding, our party has been denied the right to assume the top post on the council. Many peole hope that this is about to change and that in a demonstration of fair play, equality and respect for the democratically expressed wishes of the electorate, Belfast councillors will ensure the election of the city's first Sinn Fein mayor.

``The question for Cllr Dow is whether he is prepared to accept this democratic imperative or not. If for whatever reason he votes against S inn Fein on Thursday night he will stand accused of upholding the ailed politics of the past.

``Cllr. Dow will do well to remember that the people of this city want change. They voted for change and they expect their political representatives to what they can to deliver change.

``Will Danny Dow assist the efforts of those of us genuinely attempting to build a future of equality or will his narrow personal interests comit Belfast to another year of inequalities which Belfast peole so desparetely want toee consigned to the annals of history.''ENDS

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