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29 September 2000

Cautious welcome for British Government move on extraditees

Sinn Fein West Belfast MLA Alex Maskey has given a cautious welcome to today's announcement by the British Government that it will not pursue extradition warrants against people who qualify for early release under the Good Friday Agreement. Mr Maskey said:

``This is a useful first step in tackling this important issue. It will undoubtedly come as a relief to those individuals and their families who have lived with the threat of extradition for many years. It is a welcome effort by the British Government to deal with this particular anomaly.

``However, it only deals with those who were serving sentences and who failed to complete those sentences. The anomaly remains for those who escaped while on remand.

``It is disappointing that the British Government did not move at this time to clear up all the anomalies arising from its penal policy. The public interest would be best served if this was done as quickly as possible.''

Commenting on the implications for republican extraditees in the USA, Mr Maskey said:

``For those who have been fighting extradition from the United States, this will be welcome news for themselves, their families and their supporters. Our hope is that those people who have put down roots in the US can look forward to a secure future in that country.''

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