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14 October 2000

Another DUP Own Goal

Sinn Fein Assembly Member Pat Doherty has accused the DUP MLA Ian Paisley Jnr. of scoring yet another political own goal . Mr Doherty's comments come after the DUP man criticised the Health Minister Bairbre deBrún for spending 2000 per month on transportation.

Mr Doherty said:

``In typical DUP fashion Ian Paisley Jnr. went on an offensive claiming to be outraged at the cost of transporting the Health Minister. He said he was appalled at 2000 per month being spent on chauffeuring a Sinn Fein politician .

`` However a quick glance at the money spent on transporting Ministers would have shown Mr Paisley that his colleague Nigel Dodds the one time Social Development Minister was spending a massive 8600 each month on transport. Mr Paisley has for some unknown reason failed to articulate his outrage at this figure.

``It seems to me that this is a classic case of the political own goal. I await with interest the comments of Ian Paisley Jnr. on this latest revelation. But then he has had plenty of time to consider a response since he received these figures before he became outraged over the transport expenditure of

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