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9 November 2000

Mary Harney RTÉ interview shows choice for electorate: different shades of conservatives or Sinn Fein and `Share the Wealth'

Sinn Fein has welcomed today's statement by Progresssive Democrats leader and Tánaiste Mary Harney that the PDs will not consider coalition government with  Sinn Fein because of its economic policies and its `Share the Wealth' platform.

Cllr Seán Crowe said that Ms Harney's admission that there is little difference between Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the PDs because they are all conservative parties - and the PDs would welcome the Labour Party in government - shows that there is a clear alternative facing the electorate: ``different shades of conservatives or the radical `Share the Wealth' programme of Sinn Fein''.

Cllr Crowe, who will be challenging for a Dáil seat in Ms Harney's Dublin South-West constituency, rejected the PD leader's claim that her party challenges ``sectional interests''.

``The PDs represent the most powerful, self-serving sectional interest in the country - the rich élite who wield power behind closed doors in the banks and the boardrooms and hold back the pace of social progress in our society.

``Sinn Fein wants to `Share the Wealth' of the Celtic Tiger economy with all the families in our society through better housing and services - the priority of Mary Harney and the PDs is simply to make the rich richer.''   

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