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27 November 2000

Lawyers remarks are designed to deflect from purpose of the enquiry

Referring to remarks made by a lawyer for British soldiers at the Bloody Sunday enquiry today Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness MP said:

``These comments are an obvious attempt to deflect the spotlight away from the weight of evidence that continues to be presented and which indicts not only the British soldiers who fired the shots on Bloody Sunday but also their military and political masters.

``I have already stated publicly that I have no problem giving evidence to the enquiry although I have concerns about the lack of equivalence in the presentation of evidence eg: the anonymity for British military witnesses and the wilful destruction of weapons used on Bloody Sunday by the British Ministry of Defence.

``It is also significant that the statement of Derek Wilford, the British Commander who is ultimately responsible for the events of that day, has still not been released to the Bloody Sunday families or their legal representatives.

``I have already had a number of meetings with my solicitor to determine the most adequate way to present my evidence to the enquiry.  When that is decided I will first inform the families.  The Tribunal and the media will then be notified.''

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