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5 December 2000

Gerry Adams’ eve of Budget statement - Share the Wealth

In an eve of Budget statement, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP has called on Finance Minister Charlie McCreevy to use tomorrow’s Budget to:- • Concentrate resources on the provision of health, education, transport and social welfare services; • Take the low-paid completely out of the tax net and reform the tax system; • Create accessible and affordable childcare infrastructures and generous childcare support for parents and children; • Launch an all-out attack on the housing crisis; • Provide substantial, targeted investment initiatives in social services, education and other areas of co-operation in the Six Counties.

The Sinn Fein president said:

``The wealth generated by the Celtic Tiger economy offers Irish society new opportunities.  The benefits do not belong just to the bankers and the stockbrokers, the planners and the wheeler dealers - but to every man, woman and child.

``The onus is now on the Government to make up for the opportunities missed by its own and previous administrations involving Fine Gael and Labour.

``This means that the creation of an island economy must be made central to the implementation of the National Development Plan and to social and economic planning in general.’’

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