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7 December 2000

Attacks fit `No' camp agenda - Gerry Adams

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP has said that the recent loyalist attacks which have left two men dead and another man critically ill fit the `No'' camp agenda.

Mr Adams said:

``I would like to express my sympathy to the Kell and Moore families.

``These latest loyalist attacks should be viewed in the context of ongoing loyalist attacks in the Six Counties.  For a long time we have been warning people to be vigilant because history shows us that when loyalists, unionists or the British Government are under pressure, it is ordinary nationalists who suffer.

``Four years ago, 10 Catholics were killed in the run-up to Christmas.  These killings were initially denied by one loyalist grouping and later claimed by another.  The RUC colluded in these lies in a  deliberate attempt to muddy the waters and let groups who claimed to be on cease-fire off the hook.

``Early this summer, the UDA carried out a number of attacks on Protestant homes in my constituency and tried to blame republicans.  Again the RUC colluded in this lie, saying that a car used in the attack was spotted going into Ardoyne.  This was proved to be false.  Unionist politicians who should have known better also colluded in that lie.

``People need to be aware of dirty tricks in all of this.  These attacks fit the agenda of the `No' camp within the British Establishment whose goal is to prevent change and create a vacuum which, inevitably, gets filled by violence.  I call on people to remain calm and vigilant.  We are living in dangerous times.  The forensic history of the weapons used in these attacks must be revealed.  Claims by the RUC that they are `keeping an open mind' about such attacks only serve to muddy the waters further.''

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