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3 January 2001

Harney attack on SF: Adams says PDs want to make rich richer rather than build better public services

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has said that Progressive Democrats leader Mary Harney's continuing attacks on Sinn Fein's `Share the Wealth' economic policy platform ``shows that the PDs' prime concern is to help the rich get richer rather than use the wealth of the Celtic Tiger for the benefit of the majority of people and public services''.

Mr Adams was responding to comments by the Tánaiste at a Progressive Democrats meeting in Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin, on Tuesday night.  The Sinn Fein leader said:

``Mary Harney and the PDs are more worried about protecting their friends, the wealthy few, than use the wealth of the Celtic Tiger for the benefit of the majority by providing adequate housing, health, education and transport services.''

Mr Adams said that the PDs are unashamedly in favour of tax cuts for the already rich and privileged elite.  ``But they care little for people struggling to buy a home, private tenants exploited by landlords and property speculators, and hospital patients missing out on treatment because they are not rich enough to queue-jump the waiting lists and buy their way into private clinics.

``What is wrong in wanting to ensure equity in education and health care?  If we are to have an equitable society then we need to Share the Wealth.''  ENDS

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