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3ú Deireadh Fómhair 2001

Sinn Fein support Postmasters campaign to save sub post offices

Sligo Alderman and Sinn Fein representative Sean MacManus has expressed his support for Irish Postmasters who today march from Parnell Square to Leinster House in an effort to secure government support for sub Post Offices.  Mr. MacManus said that `the situation in which Postmasters find themselves must be addressed and addressed urgently.'  He also backed their call for the development of the Sub Post Office Network.

Alderman MacManus said:

``The very survival of rural, and indeed many urban, post offices, is at stake.  The threatened loss of post office services will impact not only on the Postmasters but also on the communities that rely on these services.

``A Post Office in a rural area is more than simply a place to buy a stamp or collect the pension, they are often the very soul of communities.  The government must implement a programme that will protect the Postmaster and the Sub Post Office.

``Sinn Fein strongly believes that the local Post Office is ideally placed to deliver many new services including  car taxation and government cheque payments.  Services which could assist in the survival of the sub post office.

``Postmasters should also immediately receive the 12% wage increase which was agreed some time ago.

``Proposals for the incorporation of Post Offices with retail outlets will benefit nobody, particularly not the consumer.

``The Postmasters and their campaign to secure the survival of the sub Post Office network can be assured of my support and that of my party.''ENDS

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