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5 June 2001

Sinn Fein Vote - Story of Election

Speaking in Belfast this morning Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams said that the story of the election was going to be the Sinn Fein vote.

Mr. Adams said:

``Sinn Fein entered this election seeking a mandate for change. We want to bring about fundamental social and economic change, we want to enter the June negotiations on policing, demilitarisation and equality with a strengthened hand and we want to bring forward our strategy for Irish unity.

``People right across the north are responding to this message in larger numbers than ever before. They know that a vote for Sinn Fein is vote for the only all-Ireland party in this election, they know that it is a vote for change, they know it is a vote for a party that can and will deliver.

`` All of the canvass returns from across the 18 constituencies show clearly that the story of this election is going to be the Sinn Fein vote.

``And as we enter the last 48 hours of this campaign my message to the electorate is join with us and change the face of politics in the Six Counties. Together let's make history.''

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