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5 Deireadh Fómhair 2001

Sinn Fein opposed to Toll Roads

Sinn Fein Louth County Councillor Arthur Morgan this week wrote to the National Roads Authority criticising their recommendations for the increased use of toll roads throughout the state, in particular their scheme at the  M1 Motorway (Gormanstown to Monasterboice).  

Councillor Morgan said:

``In my letter to the National Roads Authority I voiced Sinn Fein's strong objection to the proposed toll rcheme for the MI Motorway (Gormanstown to Monasterboice).  In making my objection I asked the NRA to consider the following:

1. Studies carried out in England prove that tolls significantly increase the level of HGV traffic through towns and cities in an effort to save money.  The result is that, one of the main purposes of motorways and by-passes ie. to divert traffic from Urban areas, is set back as a result of toll roads.

2. The Cost: I object to the tolling proposed on the basis of the exorbitant cost to Irish motorists.

3. Safety: New roads built to Motorway standards are 5 to  6 times safer than existing single lane roads. Given the particularly high rate of road accidents and fatalities in County Louth, surely we need as many motorists as possible to use the safer Motorways.  

``Charging them (or, perhaps ripping them off might be a more accurate term) will do nothing to encourage motorists onto the safer Motorways.  I must, therefore, raise the question -  which is more important  making profit or saving lives?.

``I have appealed to that NRA and I now appeal to the government to consider these points of objection seriously and, in doing so, take into account the exorbitant cost endured by Irish motorists and to give us the safest roads possible.  We already pay road tax, we shouldn't have to pay twice for decent roads.''ENDS

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