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6 February 2001

Institution of Engineers `trying to impose incinerators by back door'

Sinn Fein's Environment spokesperson has described the call by the Institution of Engineers for a National Waste Management Authority as ``an ill-disguised attempt to stop communities using their voice and local democracy''.

Louth County Councillor Arthur Morgan, who won a High Court judicial review last week of his local authority's controversial acceptance of the North East Waste Management Plan, said:

``This is an attempt by the Institution to force incinerators through the back door.

``Yes, we do need a national waste management strategy - for the whole of Ireland - but what the Institution seems to be proposing is a Government-appointed quango to impose incinerators against the wishes of the people.''

Cllr Morgan noted the inclusion of ``cost effective'' among the Institution's criteria for dealing with waste management.  ``Does the Institute value everything in terms of cash or in terms of cost to people's health, the air that we breathe and the cost to the environment our children will inherit?''

The Sinn Fein councillor added:  ``The Institute claims it wants to work closely with industry and community and environmental groups.  That is what many of us are doing.  Is their real objection that we won't roll over and accept the big business option of incineration?''

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