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6 September 2001

Dublin vigil in support of Ardoyne children

Sinn Fein will be holding a vigil in support of the parents and children of the Holy Cross primary school in Ardoyne at the GPO from 5pm to 7pm tomorrow, Friday 7th September. The vigil was called for following demands from a packed public meeting in Liberty Hall last night that practical action is taken in support of the parents and children. 

Local representatives of Ardoyne and a parent of one of the children who attends Holy Cross addressed the meeting. From the audience speaker after speaker criticised the inaction and silence of government and opposition TDs to the ongoing loyalist attacks on the children of Ardoyne.

Sinn Fein Councillor Sean Crowe, who chaired the meeting said:

``We cannot stand idly by and watch the faces of terrified children run the gauntlet of sectarian hatred and do nothing. We urge people to write to the papers, to their TDs, to the Dublin government and to trade unions. We would also urge them to make phone calls to the media, to stand with us tomorrow at the GPO and pile the pressure on Unionist leaders and the British government to force an end these protests.

``This is not about politics, it is not about `turf wars' or `tribal conflict'. It is about human rights. It is about the rights of five-year-old children to go to school without being called Fenian scum and having blast bombs thrown at them. It really is that simple.''

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