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7th December 2001

Doherty calls for full disclosure

Sinn Fein West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty MLA has demanded an urgent meeting with the British Secretary of State John Reid to ensure full disclosure of all the information relating to the revelations that the RUC Special Branch knew of the Omagh bomb before August 15th.

Mr Doherty said:

``Many people in Omagh are in state of shock. Our first priority is to ensure that they are not left in the dark about the extent of prior knowledge withheld by the RUC Special Branch. This community is still in the process of rebuilding, what they do not need is uncertainty and untruths to complicate the healing process.

``I am demanding a meeting with John Reid and I will be asking for full disclosure of all the information.

``The concern would be that if a bomb attack like that in Omagh were to happen again tomorrow and if the Policing Board were to ask for information that Ronnie Flanagan could block access to full details of Special Branch operations. In a tragic way this shows up the flaws in the current policing board.

``The Special Branch, Ronnie Flanagan and those who control the Special Branch are still there. These are the people who were in the position to avert this catastrophe. These people stood back and let 29 innocent people and 2 unborn children die. They must be removed immediately followed by an full independent investigation into the matter.''

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