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7th December 2001

Illegal dumping grounds are the legacy of failed government policy

South Dublin County Councillor Seán Crowe described the latest discovery of an illegal dump in the Brittas area of South County Dublin as ``the appalling legacy of the government's privatisation policy for waste disposal.'' He also expressed his fears that these latest finds were only the tip of the iceberg.

Speaking after the discovery of the illegal dump in Crooksling, Brittas Councillor Crowe said: ``Following as it does so close to the recent discoveries of illegal dumps in County Wicklow and north Dublin it is time for local authorities to get tough with the culprits and impose the maximum penalties available.

``It is no coincidence that these dumps are being discovered now. The government's waste management strategy, which has placed private enterprise in the frontline, is to blame.   Again we see private operators playing dangerous games with the health and safety of people lives - all in the name of profit.

``This dump, which is adjacent to St. Brigids Nursing home also lies within the soakage area of tributaries to the Camac River, which itself feeds into the Liffey.

``It is clear that private companies, whose sole aim is to make profits, cannot be depended upon dispose of waste properly. The very nature of the industry means it is too prone to abuse by cowboy operators. Industrial and household waste disposal must remain in the hands of local authorities that can properly control and regulate it.

``A proper waste management policy that promotes reduction, recycling and reuse  would be a better approach for the government and local authorities to adopt rather than trying to wash their hands of  the waste disposal issue.''

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