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8 May 2001

Trimble resignation threat - `deeply disappointing'

Sinn Fein Martin McGuinness MP has said that David Trimble's letter of intent to resign on July 1st is `deeply disappointing'.

Mr. McGuinness said:

``Everyone who supported the Good Friday Agreement will be deeply disappointed by David Trimble's threat to resign.  With today's announcement of the election we would have hoped that David Trimble would have come out fighting for the Good Friday Agreement.

``Effectively what David Trimble has done is to offer Unionists a negative manifesto and promote the wreckers charter.  Unionists deserve better than that, particularly those Unionists that voted in overwhelming numbers to endorse the Referendum and the Good Friday Agreement will be very deeply disappointed.

``David Trimble is telling all of us that he knows best how to deal with this issue.  The contradiction is that if David Trimble persists with this line he will make the situation worse.  David Trimble throughou;the course of this process has shown himself to be half hearted about the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.  David Trimble needs to listen to the sensible voice of the process that wants to see the guns taken out of Irish politics as much as he does, instead of going down a route which is a disaster for all of us.

``David Trimble set out his strategy to create a crisis in the Assembly to the UUC in October last year.  This is part of that wreckers charter.  This is unionism looking to renegotiate the Good Friday Agreement and David Trimble has clearly set out this intention, since the signing of the Agreement itself.''

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