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11ú Deireadh Fómhair 2001

Super bedbug warning

Sinn Fein South Dublin County Councillor Seán Crowe has drawn attention to the plight of a Tallaght family suffering an infestaton of a particularly large and virulent strain of bedbug.

``No one appears to know where these insects have come from,'' according to Crowe, ``but I have been told they are a strain of super bedbug. They grow up to the size of a fingernail and live off blood. The mother and two children, who live in the Rossfield Estate, have been repeatedly bitten and the bedclothes destroyed with bloodstains. Needless to say, they are most distressed and want this problem dealt with.

``The top of the house was sprayed by Pest Control last week but this failed to eliminate the infestation. These are apparently a difficult insect to eradicate.

``I am calling on South Dublin County Council to find short-term alternative accommodation for the family while the Health Board properly fumigates their home. I would also like to see an investigation by the Health Board to find out if this is an isolated case or if others are also experiencing infestation by these bugs. I am also worried that these insects might spread infection.

``I know any of us would be disgusted to have to live with this problem, so I am calling on the authorities to act to sort this problem out as a matter of urgency.''

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