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12 March 2001

Tonight's Cork Corporation meeting asked to oppose Minister's plan to strip councillors of waste management powers

Sinn Fein Councillor Jonathan O'Brien has called on all members at tonight's meeting of Cork Corporation to support a motion calling on the Minister for the Environment to keep waste management ``in the control of democratically-elected councillors''.

Cllr O'Brien's move follows media reports that Environment and Local Government Minister Noel Dempsey wants to strip councillors of their powers and give decision making on waste management plans to city and county managers instead.

The Sinn Fein motion calls on the Environment Minister ``to continue to support the concept of local democracy by allowing the responsibility for waste management to reside with democratically-elected local authorities, not with unaccountable officials''.  Cllr O'Brien urged all-party support for the motion.  He said:

``A waste management policy is most effective if it is formed and supported by local people.  The formation of policy is best done by locally-elected representatives with the support of local people, not by unaccountable officials.''

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