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17 May 2001

Delivering Peace - Delivering Real Change

Sinn Fein launch Westminster Candidates

Speaking at the launch of  Sinn Fein's Westminster candidates in Belfast today, party President Gerry Adams said:

``For the first time Sinn Fein will be standing candidates in all 18 constituencies.  Everybody form North Down to North Belfast and from Strangford to Foyle will have the opportunity to vote republican - to strengthen Sinn Fein's mandate - and cast a vote for real change.

``Sinn Fein's successful candidates will not take an oath to the English queen but we will make full use of the facilities at Westminster.  We are pressing the British government to reverse the decision taken after the last Westminster election to deny Sinn Fein MPs access and resources.  Sinn Fein is going to the electorate with a solid record of achievement at the Assembly, in local government and in the Executive.  

``We  have been the engine driving the peace process.

``Sinn Fein Ministers in the Executive have a record which is second to none.

``Martin McGuinness has invested over 200 million in building new schools.  He has increased pre-school provision, has taken steps towards creating a level playing field for integrated and Irish medium schools and established a review which will inevitably see an end to the unfair 11+. ``Bairbre de Brun has brought a new approach to health - an area particularly affected by years of neglect under successive British Ministers.  She has initiated action to reduce waiting times, improve services for our elderly and created 100 new training places for nurses and brought the same number again back into practice.

Our experienced Assembly team have taken the lead across a whole range of political, social and economic issues.

``We have used our mandate wisely.  We have used it to create change.  We have used it to deliver real improvements.

``A stronger mandate in this election will strengthen the peace process and enhance the Sinn Fein negotiating position and strengthen our ability in the negotiations in June to secure a decent, civic policing service, a real process of demilitarisation and progress in implementing the Good Friday Agreement.

``On June 7th every vote will count and every vote for Sinn Fein will make a difference.

``Sinn Fein is the fastest growing political party on the island.  People across the entire island are going us to build a new Ireland, a better Ireland, an Ireland of equals.''

List of Westminster Candidates

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