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18 June 2001

Councillor criticises demolition of historic building

Councillor Nicky Kehoe of Dublin Central Sinn Fein today criticised the demolition by developers over the weekend of the landmark Wiggins Teape building on the East Wall road. The neo-classical building was demolished just three days after An Board Pleanala said that it should be retained. Councillor Kehoe described the demolition as being `akin to an act of vandalism.'

Cllr. Kehoe said:

``This building was a historic landmark and many local people, particular those who worked in it, had a special attachment to the building. Knocking the building down flys in the face of the corporation's policy of encouraging the re-use of existing unlisted buildings. This building could quite easily have been renovated and reused.

``Also, the proposals for redeveloping the site are out of character with the general area. Most houses around the building are low-rise residential dwellings and the proposed office block will just not fit into the general scenery of the area.

``The ease with which the building was demolished highlights the inadequacies that currently exist in planning laws. There is a need for historic buildings to be given greater protection in the future. The Minister of the Environment should immediately amend the Planning Act 2000 to ensure that future Bord Pleanala decisions are not similarly ignored.''

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