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19ú Méan Fómhair 2001

Aer Lingus Crisis - Jobs must be saved

Sinn Fein have reacted critically to yesterday's announcement from Aer Lingus that 25% of operations have been cut. South Dublin County Councillor Sean Crowe today said that union predictions that up to 1,700 jobs will be lost is a worrying development.

Councillor Crowe said:

``The problems that face Aer Lingus pre date the current crisis that has followed the attacks in the USA. The company has been in trouble for the past ten years. The fact that last weeks terrible events have shook the company so hard is an indication of the lack of government interest in the livelihoods of the employees over many years.

``The jobs at Aer Lingus must be saved. In the 1980's the Dublin government allowed the Irish Shipping industry to collapse, to a degree unimaginable for an island nation. Is this administration to allow the same to happen to the state airline?

``Under EU law we cannot invest in a significant national resource that Aer Lingus represents. This is wrong and must be reversed.

``Hundreds of multi-national companies receive government funding and leave when grants dry up. It is inconceivable that assistance cannot be given to a national Air Line, particularly when so many jobs are at risk.''

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