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20th December 2001

Commencement of the MOX operation at Sellafield

Sinn Fein Louth County Councillor, Arthur Morgan, speaking on the commencement of the MOX operation at Sellafield today says:

``I am disappointed that BNFL's operation at Sellafield has been extended by the commencement of the MOX operation.

``What we need now is determination to unite against this monster that has been killing our people for decades.

``With the Nordic countries now coming on board - especially Norway - there is an opportunity to launch an international campaign to expose Britain as the dirty man who is destroying our environment.''

``I am encouraged by the number of politicians who are speaking out against Sellafield. But words are not enough. The Government should immediately fund the case against Thorp being taken by four individuals from County Louth and should work at a European level to build the international campaign necessary to have Sellafield closed once and for all.''

``The people of County Louth and the east coast have suffered enough as a consequence of Sellafield's operations. 

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