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21 August 2001

Flawed Implementation Plan `not final word' on Policing

Sinn Fein MPfor Fermanagh and SouthTyrone Michelle Gildernew hassaid that young nationalists and republicans will not be fooled into accepting less than their just entitlements; they will not be fooled into joining this  repackaged RUC; they will not join a police service still controlled by the securocrats.

Describing the Implementation Plan as ``deeply flawed'' Ms Gildernew pointed out that for the second time within a month a British government deadline has been broken. ``Clearly, the Implementation Plan is not the last word. Negotiations on policing are set to continue.''

Ms Gildernew said:

``Even those who have accepted the British government  proposals on policing admit that the threshold of Patten has not yet been met and that work remains to be done.

``The days of nationalists accepting less than our just entitlements and rights are long gone.Nationalists will not be fooled into believing that what is on offer amounts to a new beginning to policing.

``Young nationalists and republicans in Lisnaskea, Crossmaglen, Ardoyne or the Bogside will not join the policing service envisaged under these plans. 

``They will not join a force which will fire Plastic Bullets at their neighbours and friends.

``They will not join a force which has Human Rights abusers in its ranks.

``They will not join a force which gives the British Secretary of State or the Chief Constable powers to block inquiries.

``They will not join a force which is controlled by the same securocrats who have sought to undermine the Peace Process.

``They will not join a force which has members colluding with loyalist death squads to kill their neighbours.

``No matter what any party or government says, that is the test for these proposals, and it is a test which this flawed implementation plan guarantees it will fail.''

 In conclusion Ms Gildernew said:

``For the second time within a month a deadline set by the British government for the parties will broken.

``The reality is that the Implementation Plan is deeply flawed and is not the last word.

``This peace process is a constant process of negotiation and the issue of policing, no less than demilitarisation, human rights, equality and arms, is still a work in progress.

``Sinn Fein will continue to demand that the British government honour their commitments and create the new beginning to policing envisaged in the Good Friday Agreement.

``It will only be at that point that nationalists and republicans will give their whole hearted support to a new police service.''

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