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26 March 2001

Trimble dishonouring commitments

Sinn Fein Vice President Pat Doherty MLA has said that it is David Trimble who is dishonouring the commitments he made under the Good Friday Agreement.  Mr. Doherty's remarks come after the UUP leader visited the IICD this morning.

Mr. Doherty said:

``Republicans have honoured all of the commitments they made under the Good Friday Agreement.  It is David Trimble and the British government who have dishonoured the commitments which they have entered into.

``It seems that David Trimble is intent on continuing his wreckers charter and acting illegally by not nominating Sinn Fein Ministers to the All-Ireland bodies.  The British government by its failure to challenge his actions is encouraging unionist intransigence and inflexibility.

``If the crisis in the Peace Process is to be resolved then the British government has to grasp the nettle.  They have to implement Patten, produce a pro-active programme of demilitarisation and instruct David Trimble to stop acting unlawfully.''

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