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27 July 2001

Loyalists rampage through Crumlin Road

Sinn Fein North Belfast Councillor Margaret McClenaghan has accused Loyalists of increasing sectarian tension after 6 car loads of Loyalist attacked houses on the Crumlin Road in the vicinity of the Holy Cross Chapel.

Cllr McClenaghan said:

“There has been a orchestrated campaign by Loyalists in North Belfast over the last couple of weeks. The sectarian attacks on Catholics throughout this part of Belfast are being co-ordinated by the UDA.

“People are asking what is being done within both the Loyalist community and by the wider Unionist community to take the heat out of the current situation. The ongoing attacks by the UDA are increasing sectarian tension.

“Six car loads of Loyalist, shouting UFF and anti-Catholic slogans attacked houses on the Crumlin Road with bricks and paint bombs this afternoon. A number of homes were seriously damaged and a number of people have had to be taken to hospital.

“Time has long since past when unionists and loyalists can pretend that North Belfast, and indeed the whole of the north of Ireland, is not being held to ransom by this orchestrated anti-Catholic pogrom being carried by the UDA.”

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