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29 January 2001

High Court grants Louth County Councillor judicial review of County Council acceptance of Draft Waste Management Plan

The High Court in Dublin has granted Sinn Fein Louth County Councillor Arthur Morgan a judicial review of the decision on January 15th by the Chair of Louth County Council to accept a motion over-turning its earlier rejection of the Draft Waste Management Plan for the North-East Region.

The Draft Waste Management Plan was rejected in October last because it included incineration, Cllr Morgan said.  A rescinding motion needs ``not less than'' a two thirds majority.  The January 15th vote had the support of only 16 of the 25 councillors present with nine voting against.  However, the County Chairperson declared the motion carried.  It was this decision that Cllr Morgan was challenging in the High Court today.  Cllr Morgan said:

``I regret the fact that I have been forced to resort to the courts but the High Court has accepted that I have a case in my contention that the motion did not receive the requisite two thirds majority to overturn the earlier rejection of the Draft Plan and its incineration option.

``I have yet to meet one ordinary person who is in favour of incinerators.  I believe that some councillors are being stampeded into accepting incineration while our constituents are overwhelmingly against it.''  ENDS

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