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30 March 2001

Government Doing Opposite of What is needed on Childcare  Sinn Fein

The news that childcare spending is running at less than half what was expected is a clear illustration that this governments has been paying lip service to the issue.

This is according to Sinn Feins Vincent Wood.  He was commenting after the announcement that Government spending on capital projects has been substantially cut back.

The Department of Justice was expecting 61 million last November in capital funds, primarily for childcare provision. It now been estimated to have dropped to 25 million.  So much for all of the rhetoric and positive spin put out by the government at budget time.

Childcare provision is a matter of serious concern and if the government are genuinely interested about the quality of life of people than it must become a priority.  Sinn Féín have been calling on the government to consider funding for a nationwide Community Childcare program.  It is an option that warrants further exploration and consultation with local communities for a proper investigation of their needs.

Real choice would involve opening up a range possibilities for childcare.  Community-based and centrally-funded or grant aided childcare centres should be one of those options. Said Vincent Wood.

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