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31st October 2001

Dublin Sinn Fein condemns bombing of Afghanistan

In the light of mounting civilian casualties in Afghanistan, Sinn Fein's six Dublin councillors have again called on the government to discontinue it's support for the American bombing campaign and to use it's position on the UN Security Council to do all it can to bring an end to the bombing.

The leader of the Sinn Fein group on Dublin Corporation, Cllr. Christy Burke said:

``While we recognise the enormity of the tragedy that struck America and the horrific loss of life that resulted in New York and Washington it is clear that America's response has done little but exacerbate the crisis that has existed in Afghanistan for some time.

``With winter approaching conditions are only going to worsen and we are going to be left with a refugee crises of catastrophic proportions. There have been calls for America to stop their campaign during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. We believe that this would create a breathing space for further negotiation and at the very least for relief agencies to attempt to help those who have been injured or displaced as a result of the bombing and prevent a humanitarian disaster.

``This government's occupancy of the presidency of the UN Security Council was a missed opportunity both for the people of the US and Afghanistan.''

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