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1st October 2002

Pat Doherty to meet with John Reid

Sinn Fein Vice President Pat Doherty MP will tomorrow, Wednesday 2nd, meet with British Secretary of State John Reid. Speaking prior to the meeting Mr. Doherty said:

``The Wreckers Charter which has emerged form the Ulster Unionist Council meeting on 21st September is on a direct collusion course with the institutions that underpin the Good Friday Agreement.

``Since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement the world haws become accustomed to one artificially contrived crisis after another emanating from the inner sanctums of the Ulster Unionist Council. This is the ninth meeting of the UUC since the signing of the Agreement and it is also the ninth occasion on which the British government has made concessions to the UUP in advance of these meetings.

``Respect for democratic mandates and treating those mandates with equality is indispensable to a successful peace process. The two governments, especially the British government, have a particular responsibility in this regard.

``I look forward to meeting the British Secretary of State tomkorrow and intend to raise these concerns, among others, with him.''ENDS

Pat Doherty will be available to speaking about this meeting at 1pm at the British Labour Party conference fringe meeting which will take place at the Rushkin Hotel, Blackpool.

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