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2 November 2002

Renegotiation not an option

GFA must be implemented in full

Sinn Fein Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin MLA speaking at the Party's Ard Chomhairle meeting in Dublin today said that there was now a "serious concern that the British government were setting the scene for a renegotiation of the Good Friday Agreement". "The British government have said that they were going to implement the Good Friday Agreement in full. The Irish government has a joint and co-equal responsibility for this. We have sought from both of them an implementation plan to achieve this objective. They so far haven't produced one. "There is now a very serious concern that the British government are attempting to set the scene for renegotiation at the behest of the leaders of unionism. This is not an option within the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. And it is certainly not within the gift of the British government or the unionists to unpick that Agreement. "Last week we engaged in a series of meetings with both governments on the issue. This week Gerry Adams will travel to the US where he will meet with Ambassador Richard Haas to again push the case for the full and faithful implementation of the Agreement."

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