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4th October 2002

PSNI Raids politically inspired

Denis Donaldson, Head of Administration for Sinn Fein at the Assembly was arrested in the early hours of this morning at his home in West Belfast. Other raids and arrests took place on the homes of community activists involved in Policing, Human Rights and Justice issues. Papers relating to these issues were seized. Commenting on this arrest and the other raids, Conor Murphy MLA said:

``This is a further politically inspired intervention by the PSNI as part of their wider anti-Sinn Fein and anti-Irish republican agenda. This is part of the campaign which began in the spring after David Trimble outlined the possibility that he would collapse the political institutions.

``Since then there has been a series of briefings, leaks and bogus statements planted in the media by senior PSNI figures like Alan McQuillan and other securocrats. The arrest of Denis Donaldson represents an upping of the ante in this campaign. We have protested in the strongest possible terms to the British government through the office of the party President Gerry Adams.

``These raids are clearly part of the PSNI's anti peace process, anti democracy and anti Sinn Fein agenda.''ENDS

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