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8ú Feabhra 2002

Council Agreement with Incinerator Company - A Load of Rubbish

Sinn Fein Cllr and General Election Candidate, Joe Reilly has called on Meath Co. Council to explain the reason why it granted a recycling franchise to Indevar, the company seeking planning permission for a Waste Incinerator. He also called on the County Council to explain why in granting the franchise to run the re-cycling centre in Mullaghboy, Navan they have also agreed to financially award the company.

He said: "It beggars belief that Meath Co. Council have agreed to pay Indaver I.59Euro + Vat for every vehicle entering the re-cycling centre. Furthermore, Indaver will also receive from Meath Co. Council an additional 12,700Euro (10,000) for the provision of signage, receptacles and other equipment. And on top of all this Indaver will not have to pay any annual rates as Meath Co. Council has agreed to cover the cost of the rates. Indevar are an incinerator company first and foremost. There is a conflict of interest in given them a recycling franchise.

He continued: "I call on Meath Co. Council to explain the following:

(1) Why were the details of this agreement not put before councillors at the Co Council meeting of Feb 3rd 2002?.

(2) Why are Meath tax-payers subsidizing a multi-national company to the tune of 1.59Euro + VAT per vehicle entering the recycling centre?

(3) Has MCC calculated how much per month they will be paying Indaver, and if so, what is this amount?

(4) Why in the agreement has Indever been exempted from paying annual rates while every other business in County Meath must by law do so?

(5) "Household hazardous waste" There is obviously a charge being place on such waste by Indaver. What is the criteria for HHW and how is the rate calculated. Is this the thin edge of the wedge for "pay as you enter" in the next agreement"

(6) How have Meath County Council calculated a 40% reduction in cost to the council?

(7) How can the Council justify given such a franchise to a company that obviously has a vested interest in promoting incineration over recycling?

He concluded: "Not only has a re-cycling centre built with public money been privatised but the company presented with the facility has also been financially awarded with public money".


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