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9th February 2002

Panic-stricken PD leader Harney resorts to scare tactics

Speaking prior to today's meeting of the Sinn Fein leadership in Dublin to discuss the party's electoral strategy, Gerry Adams MP dismissed last night's attack on Sinn Fein by PD leader Mary Harney at her party conference as ``electioneering'' Mr Adams accused the PD leader of resorting to scare tactics on the economy. Mr. Adams said:

``Last night's attack on Sinn Fein at the PD conference showed a panic-stricken Mary Harney resorting to scare tactics on the economy. She is correct when she says that voters will face a fundamental choice about the social and economic direction of the country at the next election. They face a choice between those who have failed to use the current `economic miracle' for the benefit of all in Irish society and those committed to bringing about real change and equality.

``In terms of the economy, what Fianna Fáil and the PDs did was to help those on high incomes while failing to take the low-paid out of the tax net. Instead of ensuring that those in need benefit most, this government - and its predecessors - have presided over a society where the gap between those in need and those with excess wealth has grown wider than ever before.

``The legacy of the PDs in government will be hospital queues, traffic chaos and rocketing house prices. The PDs have been exposed as a party more interested in staying in power and continuing to support the privileged in our society rather than representing the interests of ordinary citizens. And this is why they are now resorting to scare tactics on the economy.'' ENDS

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