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9th April 2002

Molloy approach showed incredible lack of judgement

Sinn Fein's Sean Crowe has described Bobby Molloy's admission that he made an improper approach to a judge in a rape case on behalf of a relation of the accused as ``showing an incredible lack of judgement for a government minister''.

Cllr. Crowe said:

``After all that has happened since the Sheedy Affair, Bobby Molloy's approach to the Judge in this rape case shows an incredible lack of judgement. It is inconceivable that someone holding a ministry in government could not have known that this approach was improper.

``Indeed after the Sheedy affair the PDs took the moral high ground in pursuing Hugh O'Flaherty and in their attacks on their government partners over their handling of it. That campaign looks very hollow now that one of Mary Harney's lieutenants would appear to have being engaging in the same type of activity as Judge O'Flaherty.

``Bobby Molloy needs to give serious consideration to his future as a minister in this Fianna Fáil led government.''

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