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10th September 2002

Oversight Commission unable to ensure full implementation of Patten

Sinn Fein Policing spokesperson and North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly has said that the Oversight Commission is not able to ensure the full implementation of the Patten Recommendations as that responsibility rests solely with the British government. Mr. Kelly said:

``While the Oversight Commissioner is carrying out his remit with integrity the reality is that his remit is limited to overseeing the flawed Policing Act. Patten stated that his remit was to oversee the full implementation of the Patten report.

``However, the Commission Report does raise a number of key issues. There is concern with the fact that the training programme has not materialised as promised over two years ago. There are difficulties with the lack of decentralisation which was a key issue in Patten and that stop and search procedures are not being followed.

``The Report also notes problems with the Special Branch in sharing information as prescribed in Patten. The Special Branch has also failed to give the Commissioner information that he requested over a sustained period.

``The Oversight Commissioner has no power to introduce legislation. That power lies solely with the British government. If we are to have the possibility of a new policing service the British government need to bring forward the necessary legislation that will fully reflect Patten.''

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