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10th December 2002

Labour Party Pushes through Massive Bin Charges

Sinn Fein Councillor, Jonathan O Brien, last night accused the Labour Party of selling out the people of Cork. The Estimates were passed by 15 votes to 13. Two Labour Councillors gave the government parties political cover when they supported the Fianna Fail/PD axis on Cork City Council in agreeing a massive 30% bin charges rise.

Jonathan O Brien said: ``When this charge was first introduced at a little over 100 per household I warned that it would rise rapidly. It has risen this year by a massive 30% to over 300 euros and will rise again next year.

``The charge is another example of McCreevynomics where the least well off are hit the most. It is shocking to see the Labour Party break ranks with the opposition and support this right wing political philosophy. This stealth tax could have been stopped, but the people of Cork are now being forced to pay for the government s lack of social justice. This ourageous tax has been forced on the people of Cork by some sordid political deal.''

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