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13th December 2002

Empey highlights real Unionist concerns over continuation of All-Ireland Implementation Bodies

Sinn Fein Assembly Group Leader, Newry Armagh MLA Conor Murphy has said that former UUP Minister Reg Empey has come clean on Unionist objections to the legislation to allow the continued functioning of the All Ireland Implementation Bodies.

Mr Murphy said:

``Reg Empey has let the cat out of the bag. He is now saying that the central objection of the UUP to legislation to allow the All Ireland Implementation Bodies to continue is that it removes the Unionist veto.

``This frank admission that Unionism demands a retention of a veto is entirely at odds with the good Friday Agreement. It flies in the face of the case for Unionist opposition to the Agreement. I would say to Mr Empey and Unionists that if we are to rebuild the momentum for progress then they need to grow up and discard the protective comfort blanket of a Unionist veto.

``Unionist attempts to veto the continued operation of the North South Implementation Bodies is clearly part of the working out of the anti-agreement resolutions adopted at the UUC in September and the UUP election battle with the DUP.''

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