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14th May 2002

Quinn's Remarks Show Desperation

Sinn Fein Dublin South West Candidate Cllr. Sean Crowe has branded comments by the Labour leader Ruairi Quinn comparing Sinn Fein to Jean Marie LePen as `insulting, inaccurate and desperate remarks from a man leading a party devoid of ideas and direction'.

Cllr. Crowe said:

``Sinn Fein is a republican labour party. We have set out a radical vision for the transformation of Irish society. The response we are getting across this island is the reason behind this latest outburst from Ruairi Quinn.

``Most people will be puzzled by Mr. Quinn's lack of political cop on. It seems bizarre that he can compare a right wing racist party like the national front with the only Irish party, which is presenting a coherent left vision of an inclusive Irish society.

``Ruairi Quinn's attacks probably say more about his leadership of Labour and the manifesto which they have presented to the electorate than anything else.

``Mr. Quinn is clearly worried about the rise in support for Sinn Fein and rather than attempt to defend his own policies he has chosen to resort to hurling inaccurate and insulting remarks. It is the sort of behaviour more closely associated with a playground rather than an election campaign.''

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