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14th October 2002

Reid has failed to implement Agreement

Speaking at Stormont today Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP said that `promises from John Reid that he would implement the Good Friday Agreement do not insire confidence given his record to date.'

Mr. Adams said:

``This mornings analysis of the current crisis by the British Secretary John Reid is a dishonest one.  We are in crisis because political unionism is resisting change and rejecting the Good Friday Agreement and because the British government has failed to act on their obligations.

``In addition to suspending the political institutions three times Mr. Reid has failed to act on policing, demilitarisation, equality, justice and human rights.  This record does not inspire confidencee that Mr. Reid will now move to implement this Agreement.

``Sinn Fein for our part will remain absolutely committed to this process and to the Agreement.  When unionism realises that it has to sort out the current crisis then we will be ready to once again engage with them to chart out a course to see a re-establishment of the political institutions and the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.  The Agreement is the only basis to move forward on.''

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