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15th May 2002

Gerry Adams appeals to electorate to come out in strength and vote for change

Speaking today in Dublin as the election campaign draws to a close the Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP appealed to people to come out in strength on Friday and use their vote to create change.

Mr Adams said:

``In the course of this campaign I have  travelled the length and breath of the country and the one message that I hear every day is that it is time for change. But we cannot take anything for granted. If  we are to bring about change then the electorate must come out in strength on Friday.

''Sinn Fein is the only real alternative in this race and we are getting the most positive response we have ever had. People are responding to our work on the peace process and our proposals on health, housing, childcare, job creation, rural regeneration, equality and respect for  the people's decision on the Nice Treaty.

``Over the past three weeks Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and the PDs hid behind economists rather than deal with the real concerns of the Irish people. They have predictably avoided defending their records on the two tier health system, on the housing crisis, on the issue of Irish Unity and on a whole raft of other social and economic matters. They have avoided explaining their mismanagement of the wealth created by the Celtic Tiger over the past ten years.

``Sinn Fein is committed to our vision of an Ireland of Equals. We are committed to providing effective leadership on the ground, in the councils, in the six county assembly and Executive, in the all-Ireland bodies and in the next Dail.

``I am confident that we have succeeded in delivering the Sinn Fein message of change to the electorate - a unique political and social vision of a new Ireland. And I  would appeal to people to come out in strength on Friday and use their vote to create change.''

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