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17th December 2002

McQuillan Appointment will do little to establish confidence

Commenting on the appointment of Alan McQuillan as head of the new criminal Assets Recovery Agency Sinn Fein spokesperson on Policing Gerry Kelly said:

`` In Mr McQuillan's time in charge of policing in Belfast loyalists have been engaged in a continuous anti-Catholic pogrom. Homes have been attacked, and a number of people have been killed. There has been a minimalresponse by the PSNI to this pogrom.

`` Mr McQuillan is not seen as impartial in the nationalist and republican community. He has made no attempt to deal with the ongoing drug dealing and organised crime rings being operated by the unionist paramilitaries during his time in charge of policing in Belfast.

`` This new body has extensive powers above and beyond normal policing powers and its very existence causes concern for many people. Given the record of the RUC in abusing powers in the past the appointment to this position of Alan McQuillan will do little to establish confidence amongst nationalists and republicans that this body can indeed provide an impartial and effective role.'' ENDS

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