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18th February 2002

Fiscal policies key to developing the West - Wood

Sinn Fein election candidate Vincent Wood has said that political parties need to state openly and honestly the fiscal policies they intend to implement in order to bridge the infrastructure deficit west of the Shannon.

Speaking at meeting of Mayo-based students at UCG Mr Wood said:

``Over the last number of weeks we have witnessed the spectacle of Fianna Fail, Fianna Gael, Labour and the PD's telling the people of Mayo that they are going to deliver state of the art Public Services and Public Infrastructure over the next five years, while at the same time introducing further cuts in taxation and other sources of revenue.

``There is a onus on all political parties to state openly how they are going to fund their proposed polices. It's not just enough to say that they going to bridge the infrastructure deficit in rural Ireland, they must also state how they intend paying for it. The failure of politicians to state clearly the funding mechanisms they intend to use to address those problems must give serious cause for concern.''

``In recent weeks spokespersons for Fianna Fail and Fianna Gael have ruled out the possibilities of further increases in taxation and borrowing over the next five years, in those circumstances it is very difficult to take their commitments to the people of rural Ireland seriously.''

Mr. Wood Concluded.

``Sinn Fein believe that we need an honest and open debate about delivery of infrastructure and services west of the Shannon. We need to ensure that we in the West are as ready to capitalise in any upturn in the economy as people in other regions. What is needed is a cast iron fiscal commitment to the People of Rural Ireland. Only by making such a commitment can the current infrastructure deficit be bridged, regardless of fluctuations in economic growth.''

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