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18th February 2002

Fintown water treatment plant to be put into service by the end of March

Donegal County Council, in a letter to Sinn Fein candidate Pearse Doherty, has promised that the Fintown water treatment plant provided under the Small Capital Schemes programme will be put into service by the end of March.

According to the council, their unfamiliarity with this type of plant - the first of its kind in Donegal - had led to unexpected difficulties during the installation. These problems are now said to have been overcome with the assistance of the manufacturers.

Those residents of Fintown who will benefit from the new service have had to rely, up to now, on buying bottled water or drawing it from a local well. The new plant, when commissioned, is expected to provide a high quality of drinking water.

Mr. Doherty in welcoming the announcement that the plant will be up and running within a few weeks said:

This is a long overdue but much welcome development for a community that has had to rely on their local well for drinking water. Conditions like these are usually associated with less developed Third World countries. It is quite incredible that such a lack of basic amenity should exist in a place like ours, which has over the last number of years experienced unprecedented wealth. I would now urge the authorities to tackle the water problems experienced by countless other communities in Donegal.

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