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18th June 2002

Stop forcing incineration on this State

Speaking on the International Day of Action Against Incineration Dublin Sinn Fein Chairperson, Daithi  Doolan called on the incoming government, in particular Minister for Environment Martin Cullen, to stop forcing incineration on this state.

``The government should start actively consulting with communities and investigating the alternatives. The alternatives are out there. Countries across the the world are turning away from incineration because of the health risks associated with it.

``A waste management plan that is based on incineration is fundamently flawed for it is based on ensuring that we produce ever increasing amounts of waste.

``The incinerator propsed for my own area here in Dublin South East will actually burn more waste than the whole of Dublin produces. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that this waste management plan is more about the profits of the incinerator companies than about tackling our waste crisis.

``Rather than a waste plan based on incineration and profit we need to be actively promoting the idea of `Zero Waste'. This government has that opportunity and I hope they do not waste it. On this the International Day for Action Against Incineration I am calling on Martin Cullen to turn away from the hazardous option of thermal treatment and to investegate and invest in reducing, recycling and reuseing our waste. This is the only sustainable option we have.''

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